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Welcome to the website of the Horn International Institute!  


Horn International Institute was established in 2011 and provides various consultancy services, training and higher education programs. More information about the Institute, its members, role and functions can be found under the “About Us” section of this site.  The site also acts as a convenient information resource concerning quality education, professional development, management and organizational development.


Horn International Institute is an independent institute strives to be available wherever there are its members and clients. The institute neither promotes third parties purpose nor solicits financial support from any other organization rather it is characterized by its core value “partnership and collaboration for mutual objective.”

Horn is founded as a result of continuous discussions among its members. Thus, it is emerged from the public, to respect the interest of the public by the public. As such it is the property of the public and every member of the institute will be and is a beneficiary one way or the other way. The Institute has many individual voluntary members who reside in USA, Sweden, UAE, Rwanda and Eritrea.

Recently, one of its branches Menteble Business School is approved by the Ministry of Education, Central Region and licensed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the State of Eritrea. This newly opened Business School has started to carry out its activities officially and will serve as a main office of the Institute for the time being:

Registration No. ASR 00036413
License No. ASL00039101
Zip Code 117A
Street 117-9 House # 4
Tel 291 724 7888
P.O. Box 4831
Asmara, Eritrea

This newly opened Business School is a member of National Employers’ Association of Eritrea as well as National Chamber of Commerce Eritrea.

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